New Tempe revelation – 'State has not done crime scene mapping'

"Five to six people could have survived"

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Shocking new revelations are coming to light about the tragedy in Tempe ahead of the trial in the case. Expert expert Kostas Lakafosis noted that "the state has not mapped the crime scene".

Speaking to MEGA, he said: "The mistake the state has made is that it has not recorded what was found and where, from the injured and victims and to draw a conclusion about what may have happened to each of the 57.

Even if he was 57 or not, the state or state agency has no answer. There was no record of the place because there was an inexplicable rush to "collect" everything. The court must somehow know where the people were at the time they were killed."

"Five to six people could have survived"

He added: “We have an appreciation for some people regarding this part, but not for many, so that thoughts do not develop. Most died instantly or almost instantly, had no hope of survival and were not tortured – as one might imagine. But there are some - 5,6 people - who would have survived if there was no fire and explosion."

A document mapping the wagons was shown on the show:

"The way this plan was made was made after many and difficult interviews that were done with the survivors"

In this document, according to Mr. Lakafosis, "there is an estimate of the whereabouts of each of the victims. It is not based on the ticket. The way the present plan was made was done after many and difficult interviews that were done with the survivors. Because even the survivors are not in a good and easy situation to talk. It was difficult and we had to cross-reference the evidence, what there is from the videos that some people have taken, what everyone remembers."

The question of the fire remains to be clarified

Mr. Lakafosis spoke about the progress of the investigations and the development of the investigation.

"Up to the point of the collision and the causes that led to the collision, everything has been found and we are missing nothing. There is also a finding from EODASAN, which is the official investigating body. This will all be clear. What still remains to be clarified is the question of fire and explosion which is what we are still looking for, it is an experiment that concerns us.

»» We have taken the sample of silicone oil used in the trains and burned it in every way. Silicone oil does not burn, I say categorically. We cannot say what does not exist but what does exist. There is a gap. Once one possible explanation is ruled out, another must be found. We will not indicate anything, because we are not conducting a police investigation. We know what it wasn't. I believe that the report from NTUA will not result in anything very specific because the Polytechnic was called a year later and they have not done a primary investigation. But they don't have evidence from scratch to end up somewhere," the expert expert added.

Alalum in coordination

The lawyer of the victims' relatives, Yiannis Marakakis, emphasized that, "it is a crime scene, criminal behavior is being investigated here. We have an unprecedented alteration of the site under investigation. And in fact to remove elements from the scene of the crime and alter the physiognomy of the terrain, with the well-known transfer of almost a building block.

It was a place that no one had access to, a place completely cut off from Koulouri. The cubicles of soil and mortar that have been transported are being investigated one by one and samples have been taken from all points, and due to the bad weather Daniel many items have been altered. We don't know what it might have had, genetic material or some chemical."

"We have an unprecedented alteration of the site under investigation"

"Even if it was 57 or not (including the victims) the state or a state agency has no answer," emphasizes Mr. Lakafosis.

He continued: “There has been an allalum in coordination and either it is due to gross negligence and gross stupidity or it is due to something that is coordinated so it is suspicious, so it is being investigated and it is being investigated. Technicians will not come forward to say whether there was an illegal load unless it comes from other information in the evidentiary process. When you have an explosion in optical material that reaches close to 100 meters, there will be experts who will attribute this to definitely not an explosion caused by silicone oil. This is a flammable material. How can this be causally related to the accident or death of some people?

This is linked to forensic reports showing that several of them were not killed by the collision itself. It is associated with killing people. If some people wouldn't have 'run away', they would probably have been injured. Because of misplacements even by well-intentioned people, we have come to put 'ghosts' and missing wagons on the agenda and in the discussion."

"We are at a critical point"

Answering the question "what will 'weight' more in the hearing?" The mistake of the station master and everything that happened or the matter of the explosion?", Mr. Marakakis said:

"Everything is interconnected. The behavior of the station master and the others involved is examined personally. We are at a critical point. We are waiting for results from abroad for the videos, the NTUA report and many other items. I find it inconceivable that someone would say at the end of the day that there was no fire, that there was no criminal alteration of the crime scene, and for me, what I believe will result from the process is the stripping of the system."