New complaint about the priest in Patissia: "He wanted us to be"

Mouths open for the action of the priest who is accused of continuously raping a 14-year-old

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The mouths open for the action of the priest in Kato Patisia who is accused of continuously raping a 14-year-old girl.

A second girl, who is now 20 years old, told Mega that two years ago the same priest offered her 50 euros in exchange for an hour of her time and that his purpose was to "have a good time".

According to the girl's testimony, it all started when she and her boyfriend made a graffiti for the priest in Peristeri.

When she went to his office to get paid, the priest asked her strange questions such as if she was in a relationship and if she had people she trusted and told them everything. He then gave her 20 euros for the graffiti and another 50 "to dedicate some time to him".

"I did not understand exactly what he meant. However, he later explained to me that he would like us to meet for an hour every now and then, take me by car and go to a building that he has taken especially for the catechism and the youth, and that he also wanted me to help him paint it ".

The priest asked her to go to this place alone at night, he told her not to be afraid and that "the purpose is for us to have a good time".

The girl said that she only got the 20 euros and the penny pushed her and told him that she does not need his money.

The story did not end there as the priest told her to call him if he regretted it and then sent her a personal message on her cell phone in which she wrote:

"Good evening, sorry to bother you, add me on facebook."

"After two or three days he would call me, he insisted. When I picked it up it had nothing to say. I told him not to bother me again. He did not catch me again but I happened to see him alone and with his family. Every time I passed in front of him, he did not hesitate to look at me even in front of his wife from top to bottom. I was told I had to report it when it happened. But because I was an adult I could not do anything. I had taken him to police stations. I knew that there were little girls who went to the catechism and he had approached them. "They did not believe me, I could not get an end," he said characteristically.