The man who was crushed in an old house was pulled out dead (VIDEO)

Efforts to free him lasted four hours

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Tragic was the end for the person who was trapped inside an old house in the area of ​​Macheradika in Argos Orestiko of Kastoria, after the collapse of the building.

Almost after four hours of hard work and great anxiety for his fate, the man was unfortunately found dead.

The incredible incident occurred on Thursday afternoon in an abandoned house in the area of ​​Macheradika, where after a floor fell, a person was trapped, who died tragically, after being crushed by the rubble.

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The causes of the tragedy will be investigated by the Police, in order to find out how this tragic event happened.

According to the information of the Fire Brigade, a man was pulled unconscious in Argos, Orestiko, Kastoria, after he was crushed inside an abandoned building.

18 firefighters attempted with 7 vehicles, while there was assistance from a D.E. project machine. Argos Orestikou.