Nikos Michaloliakos: Paroled

The Prosecutor disagreed

Screenshot 11 Greece, Nikos Michaloliakos

Nikos Michaloliakos, who has been sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison for directing the Golden Dawn criminal organization, is being released from prison at the will of the Lamia Criminal Justice Board.

The way to the release of Nikos Michaloliakos was opened with the resolution no. 121/2024 of the Council of Appeals of Lamia.

Michaloliakos was imposed the restrictive conditions of not leaving, staying in a certain place, not meeting with his co-accused and appearing at a police station.

According to information, however, the competent prosecutor had opposed the release of N. Michaloliakos, who had allegedly stated in his relevant proposal to the council that the person convicted of directing the criminal organization of the AXA fulfills the conditions set by the law for to be paroled, but remains unrepentant.

According to the prosecutor, N. Michaloliakos should not be released from prison because he does not meet the essential conditions. The prosecutor allegedly "stood" on the condemned man's lack of remorse and moral improvement, quoting an extensive article in which he appears unrepentant and declares that he is locked up in the context of political persecution and fraud.

However, the competent Judicial Council that examined the application did not accept the prosecutor's proposal and decided to release N. Michaloliakos from prison with conditions. The judges in the will they issued point out that any doubts that may arise in the person of the applicant about the essential conditions, should work in his favor. Even the members of the judicial council positively assessed the conduct of N. Michaloliakos and rejected the reasoning that his article is an indication of the commission of new illegal acts.

Thus, they accepted the convicted person's application and ordered his conditional dismissal, imposing the following restrictive conditions on him:

– ban on exiting the P.E. Attica,
– appearing in the AT of the place of residence (Pefki) once a month
- not associating with co-accused for the specific criminal case for which he was detained.

An appeal by the public prosecutor is allowed against the decree that judges the granting of conditional dismissal. Finally, it should be noted that Nikos Michaloliakos is being released from prison under the provisions of the laws that were in force in 2018 when the crimes of Golden Dawn were committed and which were not changed in 2019.