"I'm ashamed to rot in prison" is the message of the 48-year-old's daughter who brutally beat his partner

A post by the perpetrator's daughter shocks the public

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The 40-year-old woman, who was brutally beaten by her 48-year-old partner in Argyroupoli, is still fighting for her life at the "Evangelismos" hospital.

A post by the perpetrator's daughter shocks the public.

The girl was shocked and this from the events did not hide what she feels about her father's behavior.

"To rot in prison," says the daughter of the "monster" of Argyroupoli

"I am very ashamed that this man is my father, I hope you rot in prison," she wrote in an Instagram post.
Below the photo, in fact, there is the message:

"Share it everywhere to be found! This is the garbage of Argyroupoli that hit his partner, the woman is rejoicing with head injuries, she is driving a silver KIA vehicle ".

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Source: edaily