"I'm ashamed to be alive, I apologize for living": The 19-year-old Vasiliki who survived the Tempe is shivering

For eight days, I'm like alive-dead," says 19-year-old Vasiliki, a student of Physiotherapy, who managed to get out of the train.

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"Eight days I'm like alive-dead," declares the 19-year-old angrily Basilica, a Physiotherapy student, who managed to get out of the carriage of the fatal train in Tempi.

The 19-year-old student who was traveling with her boyfriend on Intercity 62, the train that collided with a similar commercial train in Tempe he said, among other things, that "I am ashamed to be alive" and "I apologize for surviving".

Vasiliki was in the restaurant car, the second car of the train which was full of young people at the time of the collision and was saved when she and her boyfriend found a hole in the ground and got out of it.

"We are all guilty, from the first to the last"

"We were going up from Thebes to Thessaloniki. We were in the restaurant when there was an explosion and a bang. I was looking towards Athens. Everything was coming at us, another wagon fell on us, the sheets all came on us, we came out of a hole in the ground" he initially described what happened at the time of the train collision.

“What can I say about the children who were inside. I am ashamed and I apologize for surviving," continued the visibly angry young lady speaking to ANT1. "I'm lucky to live in this country, I'm ashamed to live in this country, nobody comes out and nobody talks. No apologies, I wouldn't change this, we'll all be murderers if all this doesn't change," the 19-year-old continued in her outburst.

As he confessed, "I haven't slept for eight days, how can they all sleep? They throw roses on the trains as if we are in bouzoukis. I've been alive-dead for eight days." "We are all to blame, from the first to the last, and no one comes forward to say anything. How will these people come back, how will these families recover?" 19-year-old Vasiliki, who survived the train collision in Tempe, concluded in her outburst.


via: Enimerotiko