"Daddy hurt me with the "screw"" - The 4-year-old's description of his rape is chilling

"I don't want to go to school again, because my dad will take me. I don't want to play games like that again' - The Apocalypse of Horror

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The descriptions of the moments of horror experienced by a 4-year-old boy in Northern Greece by his own father, the son of a priest, who repeatedly raped him and even filmed the child's tortures in the presence of the elder, are chilling.

The 38-year-old father is accused of sexually abusing the boy when he was taken home by his estranged wife. The child's mother reported him when she noticed signs of abuse on her child's body.

"I gave him 25 kg for the summer holidays and he brought me 18. The child clung to me, he started to cry... I saw bruises all over his body, he was nervous and anxious," said the mother.

"The human mind cannot comprehend what my child is doing. I am waiting for justice for what this child went through, there are no words to express my feelings" the child's mother who had lived through the abuse at the hands of her ex-husband told Mega, but as she says, she never expected it to come to this point to rape their own child. “Shock, to the point of abuse? They should go to jail," says the boy's mother.

"He said he didn't want to go to school because his father was going to pick him up and then they were going to his house. He explained that he didn't want to go there because he said his dad and grandma used to beat him and he pointed out the spots. On the face, head, thighs and genitals. The "games", as he said, that they played with dad and grandma, which scared him and he didn't like it", says the psychologist who examined the boy. "He (the child's father) brought him to me, he started crying, he felt dirty, another child", says the mother who, seeing her child in this state, immediately contacted the authorities.

It took several sessions with a psychologist and a social worker for the child to describe to the experts what he allegedly experienced at the hands of his father and grandmother.

Psychologist: Do you want to go to daddy's house?

Child: No, he's arguing with me. "Bad child," he used to call me.

Psychologist: Do you know what this is? (s.s. they show him a photo of a male mole)

Child: That's "screw". This is a small "screw" and this is a large "screw". Dad hurt me with the "screw". I don't want to go to school again, because dad will take me. I don't want to play games like this again.

Psychologist: Does dad scold you?

Child: He gave me a cuff. Dad used to cuff grandma when we played cops and thieves.

The revelation of horror

“The kid led me to the bathroom. He asked me to help him up by placing his feet on the pelvis and said that's how his dad used to lift him up. At another time, the child sat with his knees on a small children's chair with wheels, resting his belly on its back. Then he rested his hand on his genitals, rubbing them vigorously and repeatedly. "That's how dad made me," he said. He was asked if he was wearing any clothes and he said no. On another occasion, he asked to play with a pair of scissors, cut a piece of paper into strips and described that 'Daddy cut my pants with scissors,'” reports the social worker who examined him.

The public prosecutor, to whom his mother addressed, requested that the child be examined by a medical examiner. "He was withdrawn to himself, the coroner did not want to touch him, they injured my child, how could they?" says the mother.

Source: protothema.gr