The "Babis the Flu" monk on Mount Athos!

Prokopios Athos Oros, Monks

What can "Babis the Flu" have to do with a monk on Mount Athos? Absolute when we talk about the monk Procopius, since he is the same person!

"I will tell you a story about Babi the Babi the flu that you told him find Babi what is going on here, he told you flu, my friend everything is flu! Always drunk and unemployed, Babis the flu was nice, he murmurs alone and constantly, he called you flu, my friend everything is flu…"

This was "Babis o Flu", the "protagonist" of Pavlos Sidiropoulos' song, which is still sung by young and old…

"Babis o Flu" no longer lives in Exarchia. His house is a cell and his companions are a few monks in the Athonite State, near the area of ​​Kapsala.

For the last 30 years the famous and…. The much-sung "Babis o Flu" has renounced worldly things and is a nun on Mount Athos. The monk Prokopios, whose secular name was Charalambos, is still moved when he refers to his friend Pavlos Sidiropoulos and what they lived at that time…

Watch the video with Monk Prokopios or "Babi ton Flu":