"The Turks will have to face the hawks of 332 with advantages"

The upgrade and strengthening of the Greek Air Force is continuous

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The upgrade and strengthening of the Greek Air Force is continuous. Today he receives the first Rafale and at Noon and Something spoke the lieutenant colonel E.A. of the Air Force, Gabriel Dimitriou.

Giving a brief overview, he mentioned Phantom and Mirage. "When the Turks entered the Aegean and watched F1, they were lost from the Aegean, in 1977-79 '," said the lieutenant colonel.

He described the Rafale as an asset to the air force. "The Turks will not stop the violations but they will know that they will have to face the" hawks "of the 332 Squadron with superior operational advantages. "By 2023, when the whole fate will be delivered and with the upgrade of the F16 and if the Turkish side does not buy new fighters, the balance is in favor of Greece".

Lt. Col. EA said that of course Cyprus is covered by this move, but as he said, we should not expect everything from our motherland.

"Maybe we can finance the purchase of aircraft or get our own air force. "If there is political will and they want us to maintain natural resources, FIR and EEZ we need air defense and fighter jets as well as air force," he concluded.