Father of 29-year-old Mario: "He was in a hurry to leave because he was flying" (VIDEO)

"Fly and that's it"

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"He was in a hurry to leave because he was flying," the father of 29-year-old Marios Michael Turoutsika, who died yesterday, when an Air Force Phantom crashed in Andravida, tells ERT exclusively.

"He came yesterday Saturday and left Sunday afternoon. He greeted us normally... "why are you leaving early I tell him", "I'm leaving, because I'm flying in the morning". He flew and that's it," said the father of the unlucky lieutenant Mario-Michael Turoutsika, speaking exclusively to ERT.

"I used to say to him 'do my profession, you will find a job ready to work, you will not suffer in your life.' "No father, he tells me, I will declare Icaron first." He declared it first and died at the age of 29... And we were all devastated."