Patra: Rapid developments in the thriller - "The path of ketamine found"

"This is a man beyond suspicion ..."


The former commander of the Cybercrime Prosecution Service and founder of the CSI Institute, Manolis Sfakianakis, made shocking revelations about the case of the three dead children in Patras and Roula Pispirigou, who is being held in custody on the charge of the murder of a 9-year-old.

The lieutenant general of the Hellenic Police spoke on a radio station in Kos, specifically on Ekfrasi 97FM, and referred, among other things, to the electronic traces of the route that the ketamine traveled until it reached the hands of the alleged perpetrator.

"The case is so well connected that in a few days it will be seen exactly who supplied her with the ketamine, who was looking in the drugstore to find the substance. This is a man beyond suspicion. Traces are not deleted on the internet. We will see what the US authorities will send to Greece, where it made recordings and where it made communications to eliminate electronic traces in the last week. Which antennas will betray, who? "The crime is great, everything will be seen" says Mr. Sfakianakis.

She is a mother who "eats" her children - In a little while they will give each other

Always, as Mr. Sfakianakis says, the presumption of innocence is valid, we do not level situations. To prove the crime, however, procedures are needed. The competent police department, with these procedures, will reach the end of the line.

"The children do not have hereditary DNA, someone 'ate' them. It was very healthy. The testimonies and the pre-investigation material show a criminal course. The mother's attitude has no return. "According to my experience in the last 42 years in crime, the case is a one-way street and everything will be proven," he says characteristically and continues:

"This lady will draw many with her. She will not go to prison alone. It has people who know the crime and these people have routes that there is no delete. The typist will not leave alone. She can not bear to see others outside and drinking and she is in jail. The instruments will start in a few days. All that is heard that he ate wood from the police is not true. She is a mother who eats her children. "In a few days, they will give each other."

Traces from the 8 mobiles - The tablet will hardly "speak"

During the investigation of the Police Authorities, eight mobile phones were found in Roula Pispirigou's house, which are expected to be thoroughly checked, as well as her e-mail.

As Mr. Sfakianakis says, "on a mobile phone you can see contacts, movements and give a profile. On the eight mobile phones, eight privacy lifts will be made respectively. Phones will talk, tablet hard to talk.

In this way, the authorities will be able to find out who he was talking to and where he received the substance he administered to Georgina. She can not know that her route is recorded. The case is tied. Privacy is up to one year back. "The authorities have gold in their hands."