Piraeus: He shot him twice in the head for a parking space (PHOTO)

The old man who shot the unfortunate man often caused trouble in the neighborhood - The Chronicle of the Case

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A woman who knew the elderly perpetrator of the murderous attack in Piraeus speaks about a man who often created problems and argued with neighbors for trivial reasons. The woman who has lived in the area for years, refers to the chronicle of the tragic case with a victim of a man who was shot in the head and eventually died for a parking space.

"Around quarter past 1 we hear gunshots. The bang was very loud. I hear voices," the woman explains to protothema.gr.

"They ate him. I see the neighbor with the judge has come out. He pulls one on the lad and turns back again. He arms and gives him the free shot" describes the woman about the tragic event.

He explained that the perpetrator "has been fighting for 16 years with everyone, creating problems for everyone. He's not crazy, he's bad," he adds. "They told him that the parking lot is private and he didn't understand," he added.

He was falling into cars and wouldn't get up, now he also took the rifle," said another woman who knew the man.

The chronicle of the murderer in Piraeus

According to what has been known so far, an elderly man shot another man outside the parking lot of 147 Praxitelous Street, hitting him in the head. The victim was an employee of the business and the two men reportedly had frequent arguments.

According to the report, the fight started in the parking lot, at which point the 68-year-old shot him once in the head, but then returned and shot him a second time to finish him off.

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Immediately after the incident, the armed man, 68 years old, "tampered" at his house on Alkiviadou Street but then handed himself over to the Greek Police.

According to information, the victim, of Albanian origin, about 40 years old, was initially taken to the Zaneio hospital where, unfortunately, he was pronounced dead.

Source: First Topic