Peristeri: The first evidence for the 17-year-old indicates a death by suffocation

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The news about the death of the 17-year-old girl at her home in Dove.

What emerges, according to the medical examiner who undertook to examine the body of the 17-year-old, is that it is a case of suffocation.

According to the information, the perpetrator covered the 17-year-old's mouth and nose. The same sources said that the girl had fingernails on her left cheek. According to the findings, the 17-year-old girl seems to have fought for her life.

It is recalled that the girl was found dead in her bed, half-naked, with her dress down, by her mother and sister who immediately informed the authorities.

Her partner is being sought, who reportedly stayed at the family home occasionally, despite the 17-year-old's mother's objection. The young woman's partner is wanted by the authorities to testify, but he is missing. He returned to his friends house in the early morning, took some clothes and disappeared.