Petros Filippidis: Guilty of two attempts, not guilty of rape

The decision on the penalties is also expected within the day

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Petros Filippidis was unanimously found guilty of two attempted rapes against two of his female colleagues by a decision of the Joint Jury. On the contrary, judges and jurors, after a marathon conference, unanimously acquitted the actor due to doubts for the crime of continuous rape against another female actress.

The court's decision on the penalties is expected within the day. Petros Filippides heard the court's decision with his wife and son by his side.

At the other end of the room were the three complainants.

The actresses Penelope Anastopoulou, Lena Drosaki, Andromachi Davlou, Anna Maria Papacharalambous and Zeta Doukas are also in court.

Source: First Topic