Drowning of an 11-year-old in Ikaria: The shocking description of the mayor of Fourna

New information on the tragedy in Fournos Ikaria, with the death of the 11-year-old son of the actor Odysseus Stamoulis

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New details about the tragedy in Fournos, Ikaria, with the death of the 11-year-old son of the actor Odysseus Stamoulis, while he was swimming, are coming to light.

The child was found drowned near a buoy, according to what the mayor of Fourna, Dimitris Karydis, told ERT. Although initially it was said that the unfortunate minor had become entangled in nets, Mr. Karydis says that these are ambiguities.

"His mother informed me around 17:30 in the afternoon, because I was with the fire department due to the high risk, that since 14:00 in the afternoon they have lost and cannot find Christos. The services were also updated directly.

"The volunteers found him near a buoy"

The volunteers also went out, the whole village, the whole island was looking, unfortunately we didn't find anything. Then, a group of volunteers fell into the sea until they found the lifeless body of our Christos dead, drowned.

What is said about nets does not apply. The child was found near a buoy, with which we have demarcated the beach so that they do not enter the channel of the fishing boat and was found up there. The buoy is 50 meters from the beach. This beach is crowded," he described.

The mayor explained that: "There is no lifeguard because it is not an organized beach so I can also claim a lifeguard. It is a beach which is crowded. Everyone goes there to bathe. Unfortunately, no one took notice of what had happened to our Christos."

It is currently unknown whether the unfortunate child drowned while swimming or became entangled in the buoy rope and became trapped. The forensic examination that will take place in Samos will shed light on the causes of the tragedy.

Source: In.gr