"War" after Karvela's statement that Churches must be demolished to fight poverty

The video of Nikos Karvelas, in which the singer and composer of great hits, called for the demolition of churches, in order to fight poverty in our country, has caused critical (but also blasphemous) comments.

Nikos Karvelas 06

The well-known music composer was attacked by internet users, who rushed to condemn him for his words.

In this video, Nikos Karvelas emphasized that "the root of evil" is religion and the Church and claimed that he knows the solution to fight poverty, which is to demolish the churches, and to abolish man's faith in God, the who claimed he didn't exist.

"The citizen is inextricably linked to power. He loves power, he wants power. He needs something he doesn't need. The invisible powers that do all the damage, one is called journalism. These people are the tip of the spear. They do the most work and those who hold all the root of evil, it is something called religion and by extension the Church" he stated initially.

He then noted that man's greatest enemy is God. "I know very well the solution to the problem. The people who know the problem and the way to solve it are usually people who are obnoxious, hateful to the people, which people want those who have them astride and drag them along with the horses. How to convince a man that his main enemy is his best friend? God".

At another point, he commented on the negative effects, according to him, of both religion and the church on the human mind. At the same time, he talked about the creation of a possible party, which would offer the solution. "The problem is the Church. That's where the whole problem starts. The Church, which demoralizes man and makes him a sheep and goes where all the other sheep go... And you ask me: "Ok, Karvela, you all say that we are a company, which hez** in one place and we eat them in the head". And; I say to you: "Are you willing to solve this problem?"

I'm willing to step forward, I'm willing to make a party, vote for me to help you get rid of the problem. How many are those who will agree to vote for a man who tells them: "I will free you from the gangrene, from the cancer called the Church". How many are those who will say: "Yes, this is what we want, this is who we have been waiting for, this is our Messiah who will lead us to the solution of poverty?"" he added.

Nikos Karvelas also referred to the issue of poverty, which in his opinion is a disease of the mind and which he knows how to cure: "Poverty is not a problem, it is a disease, a disease of the brain. So if we tear down the churches will poverty be cured? Yes. Yes. Yes. If I were to form a party, how many would vote for Nikos Karvelas and his new party, which attempts to cure the problem? Nobody wants "Nikos Karveles". He wants Mitsotakides, Kasselakides, Tsipres, he wants people like that. He doesn't want people who know what to do."

"You believe in a God who has not helped and will never help, because he does not exist. We are talking about 8 million voters, who are completely… depraved and cannot get rid of the depravity in which their God has plunged them,” concluded the composer.

Source: ethnos.gr