The well-known trapper who was photographed with an ELAS weapon was noticed

The 26-year-old trapper, who seems to be having fun with a gun bearing the seal of the Greek Police, was brought to the Attica Security Prosecution

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In the Prosecution of Extortionists of the Security of Attica, the 26-year-old trapper was noticed, who appears in material revealed by to have fun having a gun in his belt that bears the seal of the Greek Police. 

The specific one uploaded the material to his instagram stories yesterday and among the videos from his entertainment in a crowded club, he also posted the specific one where three weapons can be seen past in his pants.

The short video that raises many questions about the origin of the weapons, their authenticity and of course how they got into his hands, did not remain for long in his profile stories as a little while after his post the trapper took care to delete it.