Pylos: 209 Pakistanis among the dead according to Pakistani government

At least 209 'victims' in overloaded boat that capsized in international waters off Greece were Pakistanis

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At least 209 "victims" on the overloaded boat that sank in international waters off Greece were Pakistani, according to data seen by a Pakistani government investigative agency seen by Reuters.

According to this FBI data, of these 209 "victims", 181 were from Pakistan and 28 from Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The Pakistani agency in question added that DNA samples from 201 families were collected by officials to help Greece with identifications.

It was not immediately clear on what basis the agency was listing those people as casualties, as the official death toll from the crash still stands at 82 while the number of survivors stands at 104, of whom 12 are Pakistanis. Hundreds of people are believed to have been on board the shipwreck.

Source: RES-EAP