Zakharova tough with Athens' hostile move to expel Russian diplomats - "We will answer"

Tough statement by Maria Zakharova, representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, on the expulsion of 12 Russian diplomats from Greece

Maria Zakharova

Athens is sacrificing centuries of historical, cultural and economic ties in the name of the transatlantic alliance, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement announcing the deportation of 12 Russian diplomats. At the same time he speaks of a hostile move and "threatens" with an appropriate response ..

"On April 6, 12 diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Athens and the Consulate General in Thessaloniki were declared 'personae nоn gratae,'" the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

"Unprecedented move"

"This is a truly unprecedented move in Russian-Greek relations. It only confirms how much zeal the Greek authorities show in following the course of the deconstruction of our bilateral relations and the mutually beneficial cooperation. "It is unfortunate that centuries of historical, cultural and economic ties have been sacrificed in no time in the name of 'transatlantic solidarity'."

We will answer appropriately

"There is no doubt," concludes the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, "that those who made this unfounded decision to expel the staff from the country, wanted to sow discord between the Greek and Russian people. Although everything has been done to dismantle Russia and cause the greatest possible damage to our bilateral relations, we are convinced that these moves will fail in the long run. Athens is fully responsible for this hostile move. We will respond appropriately. "