Shock in Greece: Dozens of baby graves in a priest's house

What does Father Dimitris Raikos say about the right to have a burial place

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Shock has been caused by the complaint that a priest in Kalivia has in his house illegal cemetery, in which he basically buries babies and children as revealed by the Star show "Truths with Zina".

According to the complaint made by Mr. Taxiarchis Pittaras -who is related to the priest- in the specific fenced area there is a house in which a priest lives with his wife and children, a church that does not know if it operates legally, a second church that has not been completed and in the same area there are two illegal cemeteries: in one, located at the back, there are adult burials and in the second, infant and child burials.

The lawsuit refers to agreements with funeral homes and money that the priest receives for each one who is buried in the yard of his house. In his lawsuit, Mr. Pittaras states that the priest is an old calendarist. The saint Dimitrios Raikos claims that this is an allegedly old metochi of Mount Athos

"I have had complaints about this area from time to time, is an arbitrary, old-fashioned monastery, so called by a priest who is there, who I do not know if he is official or if he has been anointed alone. In the courtyard he has made several burials, 40-50 and especially for children. These burials are illegal ", the mayor of Saronikos Petros Filippou.

"This is a private space, it does not belong to the Holy Diocese. It is the house of the priest that includes a temple "says Father Michael Konstantinidis.

The majority of the small graves -tombs as the priest calls them- is from the period 2020-2021.

What the priest says

Father Dimitris Raikos supports:

"I came on the orders of my spiritual father and the old woman made the move on the orders of Father Efthymiou to give us this space. The monastery is called Panagia Gorgoypikoos. From the '70s until today we have hosted needy monks, mainly nuns who had nowhere to turn their heads. "I perform daily services when the faithful ask me to," he says.

When the journalist asks him about the graves, he answers: "They are babies, because the cemeteries A ', B' C 'are overcrowded, there are no places for these children. I got in touch with a soul and the parents come here and bury them. The Holy Monasteries and the Metochia have the right to have a burial place. Out of a misunderstanding, a person went and said that we have this situation illegally. I went to the lawyers of the ministry and got the order. It's about 20 arias. "

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