ERT journalist to the prosecutor for beating his partner

The woman was in the hospital and the journalist allegedly sent her abusive and threatening messages

Screenshot 16 2 JOURNALIST, Greece, beaten

The ERT journalist who was reported for domestic violence by his fellow journalist, who is also a journalist, is currently being transferred to the public prosecutor.

The alleged beating took place on Sunday night. As mentioned in the newsletter of EL.AS., the journalist complained that her partner slapped her, pushed her and pulled her by the hair.

The abuse of the ERT journalist by her colleague

Subsequently, the victim went to the KAT to be provided with first aid, where, according to information, he was diagnosed with a facial fracture.

While the woman was in the hospital for first aid, the journalist allegedly sent her abusive and threatening messages! It is alleged, in fact, that he threatened the girl whom he had abused that he is waiting for her under her house.

According to the same information, the alleged abuser's phone calls continued in the evening of the same day, causing fear to the journalist.

In fact, late at night the accused journalist allegedly threatened his estranged wife.

Yesterday, the journalist was re-examined at the KAT and subsequently went to the Omonia Police Station at noon, according to information with obvious signs of abuse and with a certificate from the hospital for a facial fracture, where she reported her partner, who was arrested a few hours later in the context of auto transport.

According to information, the complainant agreed to have the panic button application installed on her mobile phone, while the journalist's estranged wife was also allegedly summoned, who also agreed to have the application installed on her mobile phone, although she did not file a complaint at his expense.