Survivor All Star: Asimina and Dalaka kicked out for mobile (VIDEO)

The words of Nikos Bartzis at the Survivor All Star board were confirmed and Asimina Hatziandreou, Katerina Dalaka were expelled from the game

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Ο Nikos Bartzisdetonated a megaton "bomb" at Survivor All Star when he revealed to the island's council that he caught a female player with a cell phone. The player of Famous after pressure from the others, he said that the player he saw with the mobile phone was Asimina Chatziandreou, who had been lost in the forest with her Katerina Dalaka.

Panic ensued in the council with most of the players breaking out and getting up to leave saying the game was not being played on equal terms.

The production decided on its course Asiminas Hatziandreou and Katerina Dalakaon Survivor and an extraordinary council was held for all developments. The production people confirmed his words Barges, that the two players made contact with a man in the jungle who gave them a cell phone.

As announced byGeorge Lianos an inquiry was made by the production and the conclusion was as follows: "After Nikos' testimony, we talked to quite a few people. We were obliged because this accusation is very serious and it has been an agreement between all of us that such accusations should be checked so that we can know if the claim of Nikos at this time or anyone else, is true or not. It's a category that can drive players out of the game." the survival reality host originally said SKY.

"We didn't leave it like that of course. After research we have done and contacted several people, I am in a position to tell you that the claim of Nikos Bartzis has been confirmed. We found the specific person, who made this move and gave his mobile phone to Asimina and Katerina. After it was confirmed, we made our decision and as you saw, Asimina and Katerina are now out of Survivor", He added.