Shocking 24-year-old revenge orn victim: They showed me and laughed

The girl describes the nightmare she lived

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Shocks a 24-year-old revenge orn victim from Patras. The young girl describes the adventure she experienced when she agreed to make a video with her partner in private moments and he, after they divorced, trafficked it, as a result of which he uploaded it to a pornographic content site. According to the Peloponnese newspaper, they pointed the finger at her in the streets of Patras and laughed. The 24-year-old even describes that she got to the point of wanting to commit suicide, not enduring the humiliation.

"I had gone to Santorini for a season for work and there I met a child. We worked in the same store and had a relationship. He lived in Athens and I in Patras, so after the summer, we continued our relationship at a distance. When we were in Athens on the weekends, he would book a hotel room with mirrors, jacuzzi, etc. and me which seemed very strange. We never went out as a couple, we always booked hotels to have sex. After a while, he asked me to make some videos! I did not even suspect that anything could be done. Blinded and in love, I told him "ok, let's get it out", she was aware of me. I knew the. I just told him to turn it off when he takes it out. "Yes, he told me, I will delete it." We made 3 videos and I was left with the certainty that he has deleted them from his cell phone. After a while, we broke up. A month later, a child sent me a message, he says "I have a video that…", he sends me the video and he says "do you know that the video is all over Patras? More than 300 people have it! " I lost the earth under my feet, you can not imagine what I suffered. I did not know what to do. This acquaintance told me that two other videos have been leaked, he told me "they sent it to me, I can not tell you from whom"!

As the 24-year-old describes, she had been depressed for 3 months. She did not even leave her house, she believed that everyone recognized her and looked at her: I was walking down the street and I saw acquaintances pointing at me and laughing. I was sitting and crying, bursting into tears. And then my boss was sent the videos in messages and they told him that "Or the one you have in there did this and that". My family found out, my mother found out, my father found out. I filed a lawsuit. After a while, the specific videos were uploaded to a porn site and so I addressed the Cybercrime Prosecution. Every time someone uploaded the video, the Prosecution downloaded it, but after a while someone else uploaded it and so on. The videos are still circulating. I tried to commit suicide and my mother stopped me. I was in a very miserable situation, I could not go anywhere. I was walking on the street in Patras and everyone was looking at me. It is being discussed even now!

Fortunately, the 24-year-old had the support of her own people, but also of her paternal doctor and collaborator. A man with a big heart as seen in the case of the young woman.