The battle with the flames continues in Kos, Chios and Crete

The aerial vehicles took off

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Throughout the night, the fire brigade fought the ongoing fires in Kos, Chios and Heraklion, Crete.

The picture at this time from the fires in Kos and Chios is better than the fronts of the fires, while the aerial means are helping to extinguish with the first light of day.

In fact, the fire in Kos presented an increasingly better picture, as a result of which it was brought under control.

During the night, the fire that has been burning since yesterday in Kos, in the area of ​​Portes Antimachia, just outside of Kardamena, is in remission, as stated in ERT N. Aegean.

All firefighting forces surrounded the outbreaks at night, creating fire zones.

In particular, 102 firefighters with 7 teams of pedestrian departments and 13 vehicles are operating, while at the first light of the day, 3 Air Tractor airplanes and an Erickson helicopter began to operate from the air.

The fire, according to, extends from the area of ​​the old quarry to Kardamena directly opposite the castle of Antimachia, while the flames were found in the surrounding area of ​​houses.

Since yesterday afternoon, residents and visitors were safely transported to public places, schools, stadiums and hotels in Antimachia and in Mastichari and Marmari, who returned to their homes and accommodations at the first light of day.

At night, the Coordinating Committee met under the commander of the Dodecanese Fire Service, while volunteers offered basic necessities, juices and water to guests in public places and accommodations.

The fire was moving towards the beach front and for this reason the village of Kardamena has been evacuated, as was announced by the Fire Department. There are reports that damage has been caused to houses and their surroundings, mainly in Kardamena.

112 messages were sent yesterday to those in Kardamena in order to move away to Antimachia.

Residents and visitors of the village of Kardamena were transported by buses, also provided by the local government, to school facilities as well as to the field of the area.

All-night battle with the flames in Chios as well

The ground forces operating are 154 firefighters with 27 vehicles, while assistance is provided by OTA water tankers, project machinery and volunteers.

The fire that broke out yesterday morning in Sidirounda of Chios is also in full progress, with the picture in the early hours of the morning looking better than it was during the night. The intensity of the fire has decreased, while it is burning in a mountainous area in the area, and so far no homes are threatened. Firefighters and Civil Protection forces worked throughout the evening to contain the fire.

According to information from the Fire Department, during the extinguishing of the fire in Chios, 6 people were slightly injured, namely 5 firefighters and a retired private firefighter.

An arrest for the fire in Chios

It is noted that the competent authorities arrested a 63-year-old man yesterday for the fire that broke out today in Chios.

As stated in the announcement of the Fire Service, he was arrested, within the framework of the spontaneous procedure, by investigative officers of the Fire Service of Chios, a resident, as being responsible for causing a fire in an agro-forestry area in Lampi of the Local Community of Sidiroundas on the island of Chios and was imposed an administrative fine of 8.859,375 euros .

The aforementioned is detained and will be brought before the public prosecutor of Chios today.

The fire is ongoing in Heraklion, Crete

The fire that broke out in low vegetation at the Heraklion Shelter was brought under control, while the fire brigade, according to the Fire Department, are dealing with small scattered outbreaks.

36 firefighters with 1 pedestrian group of 13 vehicles are operating at the scene. For the fire in the Katofygi area of ​​Heraklion, Crete, two messages were issued by 112. The first message called on residents to remain alert due to the ongoing fire, while the second message called on those in Katofygi and Xeniako, Crete, to evacuate to Embaro Square .

At the same time, a new outbreak of fire occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, in an inaccessible area east of Geraki in the Municipality of Minoa Pediada.

The fire is raging in a grassy area with the mobilization of the fire service being large, while two firefighting helicopters have been thrown into the battle with the flames.

75 firefighters, with 2 groups of pedestrians from the 3rd E.MO.DE., 24 vehicles, while there is assistance from water tankers and OTA project machines, also participate in the operation.