Tourist arrested for stealing marbles from Acropolis: "I didn't know it was forbidden"

The marbles were found in his possession

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The authorities proceeded to arrest a tourist at the Acropolis for stealing pieces of marble.

According to the information of ERT, two pieces of marble from the Acropolis were found in the possession of the man from Romania.

In particular, the guardian of the archaeological site noticed that he was resting his hand on the monument in the Propylaea and approached him.

Then he realized that he was holding the marbles.

The tourist was taken to the entrance of the archaeological site and then to the police station.

He reportedly told officers that he did not know it was illegal to take the marbles and that he did not damage the monument as they were detached pieces.

A case was filed against him for aggravated theft, but he is also being prosecuted under the Law on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in general.