"Sorry mom. See you tomorrow. Swear that you will not fight with me ": The messages sent by 11-year-old Ioanna

11-year-old messages: 11-year-old Ioanna had left her home again, three days before her tragic loss, due to an argument with

syggnomi mama ta leme ayrio orkisoy oti de tha me maloseis ta minymata poy esteile i 11chroni ioanna 11-year-old, 11-YEAR-OLD IOANNA, TRAGEDY IN CHANIA

11-year-old messages: 11year Joan had left her house again, three days before the tragedy waste because of a quarrel with her younger brother.

11-year-old messages: The messages exchanged by the mother with Ioanna

Speaking on the show "Truths with Zina" on Saturday, May 29, the mother of the 11-year-old confirmed the incident. As he characteristically said, Ioanna had an ordinary little quarrel with her brother. Then, she argued with them and put Ioanna in her room. Then, the 11-year-old secretly left the house without saying anything. Then, the mother said: "I texted her and she replied that she would return home the next day. I asked her persistently where she was and she did not tell me. I threatened her that I would go to the police and she finally told me and I went and got herThe mother trusted the show and the messages she exchanged with her daughter when she left home for the first time. The messages read: - I'm sorry I can not come today. I will come tomorrow at noon με see you. - Where are you? - I do not say. Sorry mom. See you tomorrow. - Do you want me to call the police? Where are you? - You know after this fuss I'm not coming. I'm fine. - Where are you? Will you tell me where you are?

- What problem do you have? - Where are you? - Did you cause it? - Come home. - Well, but swear that you will not fight with me. Swear. - I'm not arguing with you. - Ok. - Come home now.

- I'm in the Holy Apostles. On a building. Let you come. It 's dark. - I'm coming. - Ok. Basically it is not your fault, L Λ is to blame.

11-year-old mother: "She was happy when her father went to prison"

Elsewhere in the show, the 11-year-old's mother also refers to the difficult family moments she and her children experienced because of her ex-husband. As she said, her ex-husband was aggressive, addicted to alcohol and had no self-control. Then she added: "He insulted us, threatened us, he was very aggressive. The children were afraid of him and did not want to go with him. He would come, take them by force and put them on his motorbike all three, drunk, without any protection. He threatened the children that he would hurt me if they did not go with himAccording to the mother, this is a tragic accident and excludes the possibility of suicide or someone hurting her child. Investigations, however, are ongoing.Source: diaforetiko.gr