Husband of 44-year-old with thrombosis: "The Commission should tell my children why they will never see their mother again"

The husband of the 44-year-old hospitalized in Crete who suffered a thrombosis after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca is shocking.

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The husband of the 44-year-old who suffered is shocking thrombosis after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Crete.

The husband of the unfortunate 44-year-old who is fighting for her life after her vaccination spoke on the Live News show. Mr. Kriovrysanakis referred to his wife's health condition, which, however, does not show any change. brain death. To the questions I ask them every day if there is any hope for her life the answer is the same. "Do not ask this question," he said, overwhelmed and continued: "The happy thing is that we have people next to us who love us and help us."

Glykeria's husband pointed out that: "The number of five cases out of 900.000 is small, but the important thing is that while the Hellenic Hematological Society since 6/5 has issued that in women under 50 it is usually in those who present the thrombosis syndrome, how they still administer it. We are advocates of vaccines, when the platform for vaccination 40-44 years old was opened we followed the instructions of the state to make the vaccine. "They did not give us a choice in the beginning when we wanted to get the vaccine."

"If the Commission is comfortable with the results of the vaccination of women under 50 and they have a clear conscience, which I wish they did not have, then let them come and tell my children when they ask me why the mother he went to them to get the vaccine to be saved and they will not see her again "he concluded.