Tempe: Remains of bones found on the plot where soil had been moved from the site of the collision

On the private plot near Larissa, soil from the scene of the tragedy had been transported by 25 trucks

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Work at the site of the fatal train collision in Tempi by the rescue crews to complete the transfer of the wagons, Sunday, March 5, 2023. (LEONIDAS TZEKAS/EUROKINISSI)

Rapid developments in the investigation being carried out into the fatal accident in Tempi, as there are reports that bone remains were found on the private plot where soil had been moved from the accident site.

This is a plot of land belonging to a contractor who, in the third 24 hours after the accident, was ordered to move the soil on which the first wagons ended up.

A DNA sample has already been transferred to specialized forensic laboratories in Athens and they are being examined to determine whether they belong to an animal or a human

According to Thesstoday.gr, following the request of the relatives, the investigations at the location "Pigadia" - which is only a few kilometers from the scene of the tragedy - were intensified and, in fact, a new sample check was requested, which this time covers all the conditions: More than 12 samples, use of special soil column removal tools (corers).

After the assistance of the Anubis team with the specially trained dogs, it seems that the investigations of the competent services bore fruit and managed to locate remains of bones in addition to debris.

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Findings are reviewed

According to Thesstoday, the findings from the "Pigadia" site were taken and are being examined in forensic laboratories in Athens, in order to ascertain whether they belong to animals or humans.

According to Maria Chatjikonstantinou, advocate for the families of the victims of Tempe, after the completion of the investigative actions, the indictment is expected to be changed and more defendants will be called.

"Forensic experts and technical consultants participated in the investigations. They did not stop at a simple sampling, but they do a total full check on the soil cubes which are of large volume. After the completion of the interrogation, it is crucial if we talk about differentiating the indictment: From manslaughter by negligence to manslaughter with intent," he said.

He also emphasized that "if these investigations are not completed - with these suspicions and indications - the indictment cannot be completed. It must be thorough. And this is also the reason for the delay of the indictment because they are also looking for those responsible who may be called to testify in the coming days. We have already named the employees of TRAINOSE, ERGOSE, Hellenic Train, while we have denounced from March 2023 the legal representatives of RAS, who will also be summoned."

"They sift through everything"

"All attorneys-at-law - 111 in total - are constantly informed about the continuation of on-site autopsies in the presence of experts to search for evidence at the "Wells" point where the tumors were transferred from the materials dug from the accident site. Because findings related to the remains of the trains - iron objects - have been found from the previous sampling, the research process continues in the entire volume of transported materials, in which there are these indications and findings. They did not stop at a simple sampling, but they do an overall full control of the entire volume of the materials brought. Essentially, they sift through everything," said Ms. Hadjikonstantinou.

The local website reports that a sample check by a specialist is expected on the trees, which are at the scene of the accident. This action is part of the overall effort to search for and locate evidence that will shed light on aspects of the tragedy that, to this day, remain in the dark.

Source: in.gr