Death of three children-Patras: The father testifies today to the investigator

Today he will be in the investigative office again

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Convinced that the death of his 9-year-old daughter is due to a criminal act, behind which is the accused, her husband and father of the three missing children appear.

Today he will be in the investigative office again. At 12 noon, the 30-year-old will testify about what happened until the death of his eldest daughter who ended up last January having experienced the loss of her two younger brothers.

On Wednesday, he crossed the threshold of the interrogator and declared a civil lawsuit, since, as he stated, "the evidence is unshakable".

The testimony of the 30-year-old is of great importance for the interrogation as he is expected to be called to give answers about his relationship with his wife and their children but also about other issues that will outline the life and the internal mode of operation of his family.

Similar questions, about her relationship with the father of her children from their acquaintance until now, were accepted by the 33-year-old during her apology from the court official.

The accused allegedly described a "difficult" relationship with the 30-year-old, "a relationship with the usual ups and downs" as she said, describing the departures and returns of her husband and herself to the family home. The 33-year-old, identifying the beginning of marital problems after Malena's death, in 2018, described her husband as a good father.

At the same time, the judicial authorities gave the green light and the secrecy of the telephone and electronic communications of the accused was lifted. The 33-year-old, who is being held in Korydallos, will file an appeal against the temporary detention order.

Source: ERT