Thessaloniki: Today the funeral of 19-year-old Alkis - The chronicle of the attack

The testimonies are shocking

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The funeral of 12-year-old Alkis, who was murdered in the early hours of Tuesday, in the area of ​​Charilaou in Thessaloniki in a blind fan attack, will take place today, at 19 noon, in a climate of deep pain.

The family and friends of the unfortunate young man will tell him at the Church of Agios Athanasios in the Cemetery of Veria, where he will be buried, as there is his special homeland.

Meanwhile, the medical examiner's conclusion about the causes of his death is shocking, which showed that Alkis succumbed to severe craniocerebral injuries, as a result of the multiple blows he received and the knife he received in his thigh.

Specifically, the 19-year-old Mars fan suffered lower extremity injuries from an equal and cutting organ, which caused him to bleed uncontrollably, while he suffered serious head injuries from very strong blows he received.

According to information from SKAI, locating and arresting the perpetrators of the cold-blooded murder is a matter of time. The police have at their disposal a video of the course of the two suspicious vehicles as they approached and escaped from the scene of the murder, while it seems that they have extracted important information from their license plates.

At the same time, in the database of the sub-directorate for dealing with violence in sports venues, they have compared data marked with suspects.

The police also have the scythe with which they hit the 19-year-old for collecting any fingerprints.

The time of the attack

The unfortunate young man, while walking with friends in the area of ​​Charilaou, came across a group of people who got out of two cars and were asked what group they are. The information states that the perpetrators attacked the 19-year-old in the company of knives and other sharp objects that look like scythes, as besides him and two other children have injuries, but fortunately they are out of danger.

It should be noted that according to the Police, in the company of Alkis who received the murderous attack, there were two more people who managed to escape and escape from the unscrupulous perpetrators.

The testimonies are shocking

As revealed by a woman who lives in an apartment near the place of the horrible murder, she heard the unfortunate young man say to the perpetrators "please do not hit me again".

"We heard them breaking like bottles or glass, it was a big loss. Of course, no one came out of the apartment building, it was a large group and we were afraid ", describes a resident of the area. When the police and the ambulance arrived, they had all disappeared from the spot, some left by car, except for one or two people who had fallen down the stairs.

"I heard a lot of loud voices last night, swearing and a loud noise. "As soon as I went outside, I saw a stool passing by a corner shop, hitting and kicking a white car that went off a bullet," said another resident of the area.

Source: SKAI