Thessaloniki: He killed his mother because she asked him for water

The details of the brutal murder are chilling

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The details of the brutal murder that took place yesterday morning in Xirohori Chalkidonas just outside of Neochorouda Thessaloniki with a 59-year-old man killing his 84-year-old mother are chilling.

According to information, at some point the helpless 84-year-old asked her son for a glass of water. Then the one who, as is known, faces serious psychological problems but as described was addicted to alcohol, got up and rushed at her, beating her to death.

In fact, right after that he allegedly removed all her clothes from his mother's lifeless body.

It should be noted that the autopsy is currently being conducted by the medical examiner Eleni Zagelidou

According to information, the 59-year-old Anestis faces chronic issues of alcoholism and exhibited aggressive behavior several times.

According to the police, everything happened yesterday morning when the second son of the elderly woman found her dead and immediately notified the authorities: "Specifically, in the early hours of yesterday (26-07-2022), in a single-family house in the area of ​​Xirohori where she lived, she was found dead , from a relative, the 84-year-old woman, with bruises on her face, right cervical and sternal region, as well as trauma to the left frontal region.

This is not the first time the police have been at the family's home, as they had visited them several times in the past because the 59-year-old had created various incidents with both the neighbors and his brother.

According to a resident of the area, the 59-year-old had been hospitalized for a long time in the psychiatric hospital of Stavroupoli, he had aggressive behavior and it was only a matter of time before he did something bad:

"This man had chronic problems with alcohol. He was a drunkard and created many incidents. He was constantly arguing with his brother and the neighbors. The police had visited them several times after complaints, but nothing was ever done," he says and adds:

"He lived with his mother in one house and his brother in another smaller one on the same plot. He had also been hospitalized in Stavroupoli, but they must not have given him a paper for a psychiatric illness, but for alcoholism. Neither he nor his family worked, they were all rock collectors. His brother found the woman dead. It was to be expected that at some point Anestis would do something bad."

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