Tragedy in Greece The "first of the first" Myrto "passed away"

After a difficult battle with cancer, the excellent schoolgirl and student did not succeed and passed away

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After a difficult battle with him cancer, the excellent pupil and student did not succeed and passed away.

He "left" after a brave battle with cancer

Her last breath was left defeated by the incurable disease, the student who passed first in Medicine in 2019. Apart from being an excellent student, she had been distinguished for her performance at the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala.

The "first of the first" for which her place boasted, was diagnosed with cancer in the brain and although he fought bravely for the last two years, he failed to win. The president of the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala, Kosmas Harpantidis said goodbye to Myrto with a condolence announcement: "The Municipal Conservatory of Kavala expresses its heartfelt condolences to the parents and family of the unfortunate student Myrtos Fourountzoglou, who was one of the most distinguished students of DOK and was distinguished for her love for music and for her ethos».