Tragedy in Libya: Five dead from the Greek mission's car accident

Tragedy in Libya with Greek military personnel

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Tragedy in Libya, with Greek military personnel.

Members of the Greek humanitarian aid in Libya were involved in an accident. Early Monday morning, ERT reporter Giorgos Sideris reported that according to new information, five people were killed in the head-on collision between the Greek mission bus and a truck on the road to Derna.

At approximately 7 am, the C-130 arrived in Elefsina with 14 repatriated Greeks, while a C27 ​​transport carried the bodies of the five. As for the injured, as Giorgos Sideris said, there are some seriously injured and all will be moved to the military hospitals where they will undergo the necessary tests.

As he mentioned, there was a race to repatriate the members of the Greek mission as quickly as possible, as it was a very difficult situation and the injured had been transferred to different hospitals.

It is expected that there will be announcements about the condition of the injured, while the circumstances of the shocking traffic accident remain unclear.

According to information from the General Staff of the National Defense, the head-on collision involving a bus carrying 19 members of the Greek mission, the 16 members of the Armed Forces, was very severe.

Two health workers and a member of the Special Forces lost their lives. Shocking images of the two burning vehicles, while people hold their heads and medicine is scattered everywhere.

Warm condolences to the "Greek brothers", expresses the Libyan Minister of Health, who speaks of a "truly terrifying accident with 4 dead and 15 injured".

The mission had landed at 12.30pm in Benghazi and was on its way to the city of Derna which was affected by the flash floods due to the bad weather Daniel.

Source: ERT