Tragedy at the sailing race in Karpathos - Dead athlete who fell from a boat

At the time of the fall, weather conditions were unfavorable

Screenshot 2 6 athlete, Karpathos

A tragic incident marked the Aegean 600 international sailing race. Late last night two members of a sailing boat participating in the race fell into the sea near Karpathos.

The weather conditions were unfavorable with the wind gusting to 60 miles per hour and waves two meters high.

Immediately the other members of the crew made all the prescribed moves and gathered their two fellow athletes, a man and a woman, who according to the first information had been injured and was pulled out unconscious.

The port authorities who have taken over the case were immediately informed, while the organization is expected to issue an official press release.

The start of the race was given as every year symbolically from the sea area of ​​the Temple of Poseidon and the finish after the route of 600 nm. are at the same starting point. Of particular importance is the number of foreign countries whose flags are flown by the boats participating in the race, which amounts to 25.

The AEGEAN600 is one of the largest in participation of foreign-flagged boats of similar races.