Rape Thessaloniki: "The rape pill after 18 hours is not detected"

"We can also request a hair test that can yield results for the substance we are looking for"

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Dimitris Galenteris, a medical examiner and technical advisor to the girl, commented on the negative results of the toxicological examinations of 24-year-old Georgia who reported her rape in a hotel suite in Thessaloniki.

"The rape pill can not be detected after a reasonable period of 12 hours neither in the urine nor in the blood. Therefore, if we are looking for this substance only, the moment of sampling will not bring us any positive result. "The sampling took place after about 18 hours", he said characteristically speaking to ERT and in another point he added that "the sampling after 18 hours is negative. Therefore, this element has been lost. "

At the same time, regarding the low levels of alcohol that were detected in the girl's urine, the medical examiner pointed out that "what appeared in the examinations are some metabolites of ethanol. These metabolites can not give us the number of drinks consumed. "These tests are done to determine the consumption of alcohol and not to determine the amount or severity of intoxication in which he was."

Then, commenting on the results of the toxicological tests sent from Switzerland, Mr. Galenteris stated that "we have no reason to question the results. The Georgian side has the right to request a review of the sample kept in the laboratory of AUTh ".

"We will ask for a urine test to make sure these results are correct. We have to do a second check. "Then we can ask for a hair test that can yield results for the substance we are looking for, the rape pill, four to six weeks after the reported operation," he said characteristically.

Source: Lifo