The case for the Pantelidis case begins: The amount ‑ mammoth that Arnaouti is asking for

Mina Arnaouti, Frosso Kyriakou and Pantelidis's family have sued the company.

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A few days before the completion of six years from the car accident of February 18, 2016, where Pantelis Pantelidis lost his life and his fellow passengers Mina Arnaoutis and Frosso Kyriakou were injured, the lawsuits for damages are being heard tomorrow, Thursday.

With her lawsuit to the company that insured the car driven by Pantelis Pantelidis, Mina Arnaouti demands 1.164.137 euros as moral and financial compensation.

As he explains in detail in the lawsuit, he claims 500.000 euros for non-pecuniary damage, 500.000 euros for financial compensation, 73.500 euros for income he would have had for the next 20 years if he had not been injured, 60.950 euros for reconstructive plastic surgery, while the rest is hospitalization. , exclusive nurses and more.

The lawsuit of Frosso Kyriakou, who was also in the car, will be heard on Thursday. He claims the amount of 94.630 euros, of which 80.000 relate to non-pecuniary damage and the remaining amount is for hospitalization and more.

For its part, the Pantelidis family insists until today that the driver of the fatal jeep was not the popular singer but Frosso Kyriakou.

"Her life has been ruined"

Ioannis Kolettis, lawyer of Mina Arnaouti, speaking on the show "Society Hour MEGA" referred to the long surgeries performed by his client and the physical and psychological problems that this case has left her.

"After the completion of the criminal process that took five years to prove who was driving the car, and it turned out that it was Pantelis Pantelidis, we are judging the compensation lawsuit of Mina Arnaouti, Frosso Kyriakou and the Pantelidis family, who is also seeking compensation. At the same time, there are lawsuits from the insurance company against the Pantelidis family, with the insurance company claiming that the singer was under the influence of intoxication and they will have to pay money that will be awarded ", Mr. Kolettis initially explained.

"The compensation we are asking for is over 1 million euros for what Mina Arnaouti has suffered. When he went to the ICU he did three surgeries, which lasted 11 hours. Popularly speaking, it had a hole 10 cm in the chest and it lacked a bone from the femur, which was about 9 cm. Her entire right side had fractures, her chest had shifted to the left. It was an 11-hour operation that escaped the value of doctors alone. He has done 16 major surgeries, imagine how much radiation he has done… He has lesions on the right side as well. "The amount of compensation may seem excessive, but it is not."

The lawyer stressed that the impact of the accident affected her physically and psychologically.

"With the photos he uploads he tries to embellish the evil"

"Do not look at the photos he uploads, he tries to embellish evil. She has not accepted her condition. He has severe psychological problems. Everything will be proved in court with medical documents. To add what he has spent these years with the accusations he had to face ".

Mr. Kolettis underlined that due to her physical condition after the accident and the many surgeries, she cannot do any manual work, as a result of which she cannot work. "Her life has been ruined," he said.