Lytra's wife breaks out: It wasn't a bad time, it was a crime

His apology after the fact, no remorse

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Sofia Polyzogopoulou made her first statement after what happened with her husband, Apostolos Lytra, through her lawyer Themis Sofou.

Sofia Polyzogopoulou emphasizes that she does not recognize the apology that Apostolos Lytras asked for after her beating and characterizes it as an afterthought.

At the same time, as he emphasizes, the behavior shown by Apostolos Lytras after the beating does not show a sincere expression of remorse, while he clarifies that "being silent does not mean weakness, either that I am hiding or that it is not necessary to reveal the truth, that being silent means exactly the opposite".

Mrs. Polyzogopoulou's statement in detail:

"Ever since I accepted my husband's unprovoked and unprecedented act of violence, as well as his subsequent behavior in general which demonstrates his psyche and personality, I have consciously maintained an attitude of silence towards the mass media. This is because I respect the ongoing criminal proceedings, but above all and in advance my daughter, who is the only reason why I am entering the unpleasant process of taking a public stand.

I clarify that I have not made any statements at all and deny those attributed to me or to my family and friends, since at the given time both I and the people who are next to us have as our only priority the protection of my child and ours my physical and psychological recovery.

In light of the above, I request that absolutely no mention be made of my daughter's person, moreover any mentions are not justified by the need to inform, which should focus only on the scourge of domestic violence and the criminal act that has been committed at my expense and undoubtedly and demonstrably caused danger to my life.

The fact that from the continuous multiple punches to my face and head I was suffocating at that time from the blood I was swallowing, my nose was broken and I was fainting can have no other meaning. There are many incidents that only the investigation and the police and judicial authorities know about and which I do not wish to make public, respecting the work of Justice, but also for my own safety.

Being silent does not mean weakness, either that I am hiding or that it is not necessary to reveal the truth, being silent means exactly the opposite. The public debate on whether the temporary detention or the legal characterization of the act was justified does not take precedence. This dialogue will only take place inside the courtroom.

I regret to note that a small, fortunately, section of the media has developed paraphilology about matters of a financial nature and I want to clarify that after consultation between the attorneys, an authorized person came on Saturday, June 22, 2024 and took everything that belonged to my husband, from previously conjugal roof.

I have been informed of my husband's apology and recognition of me as a worthy wife and mother, which I perceive as ulterior motive, as his behavior after the act and to this day does not show a sincere expression of remorse.

As a fighting lawyer and as an institutional collaborator of Justice I know very well that my only way of vindication can only be achieved through recourse to Justice, which I serve and respect. Therefore, for all the issues related to this case, I address the competent authorities, with irrefutable evidence and proof.

Finally, I feel grateful for the love and support I have received for what some people describe as "the bad time". It is not "the bad time" an abusive behavior. It's not "the bad time", it's a crime".