Case of a 12-year-old girl in Colonos: The mother sent nude photos to clients

New evidence-fire about the much-lauded case of pimping and sexual abuse of the 12-year-old schoolgirl from Kolonos comes to light

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New evidence-incendiary about the much-lauded case of pimping and sexual abuse of the 12-year-old schoolgirl from Kolonos comes to light through the multi-page will of the Council of Misdemeanors of Athens (2865/2023) by which a total of 26 defendants are referred to be tried before a Mixed Jury Court.

The judges-members of the Council with their will accept the proposal of the prosecutor Georgios Noulis in its entirety, but they attribute to the remanded mother of the girl one more charge, which causes a shock.

According to the will, the 37-year-old woman, apart from the crime of aggravated pimping against her own daughter, will also be tried for the felony of aggravated pornography of a minor! And this is because the judges, evaluating the evidence in the case file, decided that the accused mother, through her daughter's mobile phone, made available to specific persons, electronic records of her child with naked content and even continuously! Her goal was the sexual intercourse of her minor daughter with men for a fee.

This is a new, second offense that the 37-year-old woman is now facing and which changes the facts regarding her criminal treatment and at this stage, at least, further shakes her claim that she had no knowledge and insight into the "nightmare » of the sexual abuse her child was experiencing. Be that as it may, however, for this specific charge as well as for that of pimping, it is up to the court that will try the case, most likely, in the winter, to decide.

"In August 2022, acting with intent, he made available in any way child pornography material through information systems, and the production of the child pornography material is linked to the use of a minor who has not reached the age of 15," the multi-page will for the a charge of child pornography attributed to the mother of the child, with the judges even accepting that the 37-year-old not only knew that her 12-year-old daughter met with adult men for a fee, but with her whole attitude she facilitated her child in making appointments!

Specifically, the will mentions characteristics about the accused mother: "...From April to August 2022, acting with intent and with more than one act that constitutes a continuation of the same crime, in order to serve the debauchery of others, she encouraged, fostered and facilitated prostitution of a minor under the age of 15 […]. In particular, she pushed her minor daughter into prostitution, she also encouraged and facilitated her prostitution by urging and coercing her, but also by her actions and omissions creating the appropriate conditions and circumstances for the continuation of said situation, that is, by directly urging her, but also constantly and imperatively asking her to find money for the daily living of herself and her family without checking its origin and allowing her to be absent from their home for long periods of time despite her young age." According to the judges, in this way the 37-year-old "encouraged and facilitated her minor daughter to meet sexually with various men".

In fact, in another part of the decree, the names of specific persons are mentioned with whom the student "followed the prompting of her mother and with her knowledge agreed through the applications viber, WhatsApp, blindchat, or her mobile phone to meet sexually for a fee of 50 euro". Then the minor handed over all the money that the unknown men gave her to her mother.

Messages to Mihos

From the will, as well as from the proposal made to the judicial council and the prosecutor G. Noulis, there are also references to the text messages that the 37-year-old sent to the other main defendant in the case, 55-year-old Ilias Michos and to his wife. With these, the accused mother threatened to make disclosures about the abuse of her daughter by the 55-year-old, if she was not given the specific sums of money she was asking for.

Indicatively, the court document states the following about some of these messages from the mother to the 55-year-old: "At a time not sufficiently specified, however, before 7.10.2022 in Athens with the aim of obtaining an illegal financial benefit by threatening to make it public as above fact forced the wife of Ilias Michos... to pay her 200 euros". The will also refers to another message from the mother, this time to Ilias Michos's mobile phone. In it, the 37-year-old writes: "You will take 150 euros again in an envelope to the pharmacy across the street from his bakery... and you will say the same as yesterday about... (she mentions her name). These are the last things I'm asking for and you got it cheaply for 450 euros so that I don't have to complain, very cheap."

Of course, references are made to the will and the small sums of money found in the accounts of the 37-year-old. This money, according to the judges, comes from the fees that the 12-year-old received from the unknown men, who sexually abused her. In fact, according to the will, the girl was the one who pointed out her mother's bank account details to the "customers".

He was threatening her

Regarding the involvement of the 55-year-old convenience store owner in Colonos, the will states, among other things, that he impersonated the minor in the Viber, WhatsApp, Blindchat applications or directly used her mobile phone and sent videos and nude photos of her to men who would have sex with her for a fee. In this way, the defendant made appointments to terrorize the child in a place he maintained in the area of ​​Sepolia, near the convenience store. In fact, the 55-year-old was the one who drove the 12-year-old to the specific points "and then the unknown men picked her up in their car and took her to another location also near his shop, which he had indicated in order for them to have sex inside their vehicle, against a sum of money of 50 euros usually for each gathering". In addition, Ilias Michos forced the minor into prostitution "by urging and forcing her to have sexual contact with certain defendants", while he had even taken her to a brothel where he released her by forcing her to associate with adult men with whom he himself had make an appointment in advance.

An even more extensive reference is made to the court document and to the crime of rape against the 12-year-old girl that Ilias Michos is facing, an act he committed according to the case file both in the premises of the convenience store he runs in Sepolia and in the home of tolerance where he was driving the child. The judges mention the characteristics of the 55-year-old: "He forced the minor, who was employed in his store as a cleaner, to tolerate sexual intercourse more than once, that is, after taking her to the warehouse of the store under the pretext of cleaning and after causing her fear and anxiety for her life and physical integrity by showing her a gun and knives in his possession, as well as threatening that if she did not tolerate his lewd acts he would kill her or her family or spread the word that she desired him romantically, he managed to bend her resistance and force her to tolerate repeated sexual acts that he performed against her…”.

However, the judges decide not to prosecute Ilias Michos, temporarily detained today in the prisons of Grevena, for three specific acts (abuse of a minor, use of weapons and illegal violence). Of course, this does not weaken the heavy indictment that the 55-year-old and the rest of his co-accused are facing, which in each case are: repeated rape, aggravated abuse of a minor, aggravated pornography of a minor, human trafficking by profession, aggravated pimping, sexual acts with a minor, etc.

Furthermore, the judges decide with their will to continue the temporary detention of the defendants who after their apologies had been sent to prison (among them the 37-year-old mother of the girl and H. Michos), but for one of them they decide that he should found outside the penitentiary with electronic monitoring (bracelet).

The trial date for this high-profile case is expected to be determined in the coming days, and the hearing that will begin in the Joint Jury Court is expected to be lengthy, due to the large number of defendants, lawyers, witnesses, etc.
Finally, it is worth noting that this is the first case file that has been filed for the Colonos case that has been brought before the criminal court. Another one is pending before the judicial authorities, which was formed after the girl's new statements that "triggered" a new round of arrests of those involved.

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