Glyka Nera Case: Babis Anagnostopoulos will appear in front of the MOE

The 34-year-old man will appear before the Joint Court of Appeal today, to be judged in the second degree for the murder of his wife

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Babis Anagnostopoulos, who is expected to be judged in the second degree for the crime in Glyka Nera, will be in front of the judges of the Mixed Court of Appeal today.

The trial was announced on February 20 and after the jury was drawn, it was adjourned for today as the man sentenced to life and 11 years in prison had changed his lawyer and the new lawyer had asked for time to prepare. However, the advocate resigned a few days later.

Today, according to information, the 34-year-old defendant for the cold-blooded murder of his 20-year-old wife Caroline Crouchs and the killing of their puppy, at their home in Glyka Nera on May 11, 2021, will appear in court with the lawyer he had since his arrest who had also represented him in the first trial.

From the process that is expected to start today, the prisoner of the Malandrino prison, accused, expects to break the first-trial sentence and leave the Court of Appeal without having heard a decision for life imprisonment again.

In the first trial, the pilot did not manage to convince that everything happened under the regime of his intense emotional charge, that he was in a boiling state. He was also not persuaded that he was entitled to recognition of mitigation.

In the trial at the Court of Appeal, Babis Anagnostopoulos aspires to fight a new battle, hoping that the Appellants and the jury will reach a more favorable judgment for him.

The court will also have the side of the victim in front of it. The parents of 20-year-old Caroline, represented by their lawyer, ask that the 34-year-old's sentence not be changed. Do not reduce the sentence of the person who killed their daughter in an inhuman way and then cried in their arms for her loss.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, according to the first-instance decision, killed his 20-year-old wife when she began to think and discuss the "breakup of their married life" having "taken actions to look for a residence".

He claims that everything happened after a fight during which the victim made a move that he took as a potential threat to their daughter, who was only 11 months old at the time. He claims he was in a rage and didn't even realize the 20-year-old had passed out under the pressure he was putting on her face with the pillow.

In the court of first instance, the accused tried to convince that everything that happened in the house of Glyki Nere, was a bad moment, a painful dissonance in his marriage with the 20-year-old British citizen. The judges of the MOD did not accept any of this, judging that the crime that shocked Greece and abroad was planned, organized and executed methodically by an offender who did not bend for a moment.

According to the evidence in the case file, the 20-year-old had an agonizing death at the hands of the pilot. For six minutes, the 34-year-old pressed the pillow on Caroline's head, which blocked her breathing. Despite the efforts of the victim, who was sleeping just before, to save himself, the 34-year-old did not relax the pressure for even a second. Then, as stated in the case file, he placed their baby on the dead mother's back and, after hanging Caroline's dog Roxy, notified Immediate Action for robbery with murder. For 37 days after, the pilot gave testimony about the perpetrators of the robbery and the cruelty they showed to his wife and the dog.

The "crime in Sweet Waters" is one of those that caused a sensation not only because of the particular cruelty that the first evidence testified to, but mainly because it turned out that what the perpetrator himself presented as a brutal criminal act that he suffered, was finally a sequence of heinous acts actions by the man who was crying and asking the authorities to catch the perpetrators.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ