Rape case of a 24-year-old: Investigation in Cyprus for an international pimping network - Where are the Authorities headed?

Cypriot MP: "Cyprus is involved as a place of supply and trafficking of women for these heinous parties"

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The complaint about the rape of the 24-year-old in a hotel in Thessaloniki on New Year's Eve is taking a new turn, after a Cypriot MP requested an investigation in Cyprus about the possibility of an international network of pimping.

It is noted that articles in the Cypriot media even talk about the possible involvement of big names.

The Cypriot MP, who wrote a letter to prosecutor Savvidis requesting an urgent investigation, spoke to Greek media about the case.

"Cyprus is involved as a place of supply and trafficking of women for these heinous parties", stressed the MP speaking to Greek media, and stressing that this is a complaint by the activist Elias Gionis who claimed that in the case of rape of a 24-year-old in a hotel in Thessaloniki, a Cypriot may be involved.

The Cypriot MP stressed that after the notification of his letter for ex-officio investigation, there was "Immediate reaction and the mechanism has been mobilized, while we are receiving information from the investigations in Greece."

"We are also in contact with the activist, Ilias Gionis, who in the next 24 hours will send a fully confidential letter to the police chief with the information he has", the Cypriot MP also mentioned and added:

The head of the Cypriot police is waiting for a written statement from Ilias Gionis regarding his complaint about a Cypriot who is allegedly connected to the Greek pimping circuit, but also about foreigners who "He was trafficked from Cyprus to the heinous drug and rape parties."

Cyprus Police Spokesman: The investigation has started - We are waiting for information from Greece

It is noted that the representative of the Cypriot police, Christos Andreou, also speaking to ERT, claimed that "the Cypriot police have no official complaint or other information to involve Cyprus, but based on the reports, an investigation into the involvement of a Cypriot has started yesterday."

The investigation of the Cypriot authorities, as he said, is carried out in two directions: on the one hand the contact with the person who has made the complaints from whom details are expected, the second by sending to the Greek authorities through Europol to provide us with information or testimonies about Cyprus or for a Cypriot national involved.

"We have reports and according to the first data, some people send girls to Greece, but we have no testimonies or data, only posts from social media" Mr. Andreou said and clarified that "only when we have information will we contact people".

This is a very serious case and we want to investigate it, he said, noting that there have been similar cases, but this is the first time that an investigation is carried out on such a large scale that it extends abroad.

Asked about it, he said that if necessary, they will contact the 24-year-old who was the victim of gang rape in Thessaloniki.

"Our criminal law is different and only if there is something tangible will the investigation proceed", write down.

Dialynas: The case takes on other dimensions

For his part, the lawyer, Nikos Dialynas, spoke about the confirmation of the information that speaks of an international tentacle circuit in Cyprus as well.

It is reminded that the lawyer requested the voluntary assistance of the 24-year-old's lawyer, Mr. Zioga, regarding the relevant part of the case of the rape of the 24-year-old in Thessaloniki.

"The case is taking on other dimensions," he said, calling on Greek prosecutors and investigators to rush to prevent developments from Cyprus. This is a circuit that also cooperates with abroad, while answering a relevant question, he commented that the pimping and drug circuits go "hand in hand".

"It is unacceptable for toxicological delays"

He described as unacceptable the delay of the 24-year-old's toxicological examinations, as well as the sending of the sample to Switzerland to a center which was questioned if it was private.

"There is a delay. "How will the mouths open if the reflexes of the authorities are slow," he said characteristically.

How they "fish" the girls

He spoke of "fishermen" who seduce girls who are impressed by the good life, clubs and parties, addicted to cocaine - which he described as a "dominant factor" in Thessaloniki - which eventually lead to prostitution.

Speaking to ERT, he pointed out that maybe the night has changed due to a coronavirus. They now gather in hotels and attract new ones, mainly female students, while many come from Athens for fun, where organized circuits operate. "There is always a familiar person who organizes, attracts and then receives others," he said.

In relation to the case of the 24-year-old, she said that they did not take her blood sample, something that should have been done within 12-18 hours, and they only took her urine. "The results of the chromatography for the toxicological come out in a week, why are they late?" he wondered and added that the rape has changed and the authorities' moves must be made immediately.

Prosecution investigation for the leakage of pre-investigation statements

Meanwhile, a preliminary examination was ordered by the Thessaloniki Prosecutor's Office for the leakage of the pre-investigation statements of the persons involved in the case of the alleged rape of the 24-year-old.

The head of the Prosecutor's Office asked the prosecutor to order an investigation, which will focus on the offense of breach of judicial secrecy.

Source: CNN Greece