OP AMM / STOU: Jobs will be lost - What businessmen report in Famagusta News

How Despina Chatzizaharia, Chrysostomos Flourentzou, Kyriakos Andreou, Stavros and Panagiotis Koutsoloukas describe the situation in Famagusta.News

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The reactions of entrepreneurs against the new measures that have been implemented to stop the pandemic are intense. Intense dThe associations of leisure centers and small and medium-sized enterprises expressed their dissatisfaction with the new measures to stop the pandemic.

Entrepreneurs in the province of Famagusta, among other things, express concern and concern for the survival of businesses and the securing of jobs.

Kyriakos Andreou - Cafe Square Restaurant

Since the Summer, our nudity has been seen as a state. Half meters without support to the industries that need it most. Ventilator operations with a Minister of Labor who only supports hoteliers, and a Minister of Finance who works only for banks. Small businesses in the catering sector have been hit the hardest, with no support for months.  Unfortunately, job losses are the only way if things do not change drastically. Work and family are the basis for a happy life. Let us all understand. In 2022 to find us all healthy, with many smiles and to appreciate the small daily moments with our loved ones. That is the essence of life.

Despina Chatzizaharia -> IL Mio Boutique

I believe that the coronavirus, the measures have affected us all. Undoubtedly it is all a chain, closing the clubs of course and we will affect the retail and not only. Both hairdressers and beauticians coke, because they are all interconnected. Unfortunately this has been happening for the last two years. This year I thought it would be a better winter, we saw everything run smoothly, become events, the clubs work but finally for another year at least the formal clothes will remain on the "shelf". Unfortunately or fortunately it is not in our hands, we pass our risks, and I will say my motto: Whatever is to be done will be done !!! I in turn say to have positive thinking, to have our health and I hope for a actually better year! Let 2022 bring us back our freedom !!!

Chrysostomos Flourentzou - Maccadam All day

This year we thought it would be a better Winter, a Winter of recovery from the multiple blows the whole world has received. In the end, it seems that the whole situation will not end soon. In terms of dining areas there is huge blow undeniably, every day we see substantially a decrease in turnover and think about closing since they are on the verge of viability, ie towards the edge of the cliff. Everyone and everything has been affected except financially and psychologically. The staff of the premises unfortunately have to come into daily confrontation with the people and do the job of the policeman applying the measures that sometimes are not clear or there is confusion because they are constantly changing. There is a general confusion which aggravates the already very difficult situation that prevails in the restaurants and I am very afraid that all this at the end of the day will result in the closure of several companies. There are companies that need immediate support to be able to stand on their own two feet and very simply so that we do not start to see the employee who bears no responsibility to remain unemployed. These are difficult times, it's a lot clearer what is to be done, we know that there is no money for everyone but let it be given to those who really need it so that they can stand on their own two feet again. Unfortunately we have learned in this way of life and in the end we will forget how our lives were old. We hope that 2022 will stop this, bring health and prosperity to the whole world so that the world can return to normalcy. And one last thing, we should all be more people especially in these difficult days, we all know where there is a problem and where we can help let's do it, everyone in the way they know. It could be any of us in a difficult position, today you tomorrow I. Happy New Year, health and joy to all and your families!

Stavros - Panagiotis Koutsolouka - Midtown Bistro

Following the recent measures taken, the turnover of restaurants has decreased significantly. The difference in the number of customers is noticeable to a large extent. Before the existing measures were taken, the need for additional staff in the restaurant was increased. Now, with the new measures that exclude a large portion of our fellow citizens, the need for staff has decreased. We are called upon to keep more people in our payroll system than we need just to avoid the embarrassment of laying off staff. in the times we live in. The blows we received are double! On the one hand, our work has been significantly reduced and on the other hand, we are shouldering the increased staff costs. We believe that the dining area is not a cause for the spread of cases since customers who previously came to the restaurant had a negative antigen test. In addition, all protection measures and appropriate distances were observed to safeguard the health of all of us, both on the part of the store staff and on the part of our fellow citizens. This is also evidenced by the fact that in previous months, when the restaurants were open to all citizens regardless of the cases had not reached the levels reached by the current measures. It is with great sadness that we find that the focus is unjustly affected to such an extent. We hope that 2022 will be the year that will mark the end of this unprecedented situation we are experiencing and let us hope that any other measures taken will be for the safety, health and well-being of all people and all sectors of the economy regardless.