PARALIMNI: A new state-of-the-art Alphamega supermarket is coming (PICTURES)

All information about the new supermarket - Where it will be, what it will include and when it will be open

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The green light for the construction and operation of a new supermarket "Alfamega" in Paralimni was given by the Department of Environment after a Reasoned Finding based on Article 24 "On the Assessment of the Impact on the Environment from Certain Projects Law of 2018 and 2021" issued in May 2024 .

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The new hypermarket is owned by the company A.A. Papahellinas Emporiki Ltd. and the cost of the project is expected to reach 6 million euros with a completion period of 12 months. The works to build the hypermarket are expected to start within this year with the aim of opening operations around the beginning of 2025.

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Location of the project

The project will be located on the new section of 1 April Avenue in Paralimni, near the roundabout connecting the road to Protaras and the highway to Ayia Napa.

It is noted that access to the supermarket will be via 1st of April Avenue and the proposed road that will run parallel to the northern boundary of block 1151. According to the architectural plans, the proposed access is expected to be an extension of the public road that resulted from the subdivision of the pieces (AMX/0467/2010).


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Four level building

Regarding the new Alfamega hypermarket in Paralimni, as stated in the Environmental Impact Assessment Study, the proposed project concerns a single commercial development consisting of a four-level building with basement, ground floor, mezzanine and one floor, parking for 106 cars ( including 5 for the disabled) and 4 additional spaces for bicycles, and outdoor green spaces.

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In particular, the proposed commercial development is to include the following uses:

  • Basement
    • Parking Spaces (51 + 2 for disabled = 53)
    • Warehouse
    • Auxiliary spaces
  • Ground floor
    • Parking spaces (50 + 3 for disabled = 53) and 4 spaces for bicycles
    • Loading and Unloading Areas (2)
    • Sales Area (includes grill, fish market, butcher and delicatessen - cold meats/cheeses-)
    • Restaurant and Kitchen
    • Restaurant dining areas
    • Auxiliary Spaces
  • Mezzanine
    • Auxiliary and IT Spaces
  • First floor
    • Sales Area
    • Auxiliary Spaces
  • Roof with photovoltaic panels and E/M spaces

The opening hours

The development's opening hours are expected to be typical for hypermarkets and are set out below:

  • Monday-Friday: 07:30 – 20:30
  • Saturday: 07:30 - 20:00
  • Sunday: 08:00 - 20:00

As mentioned, moreover, in the MEEP, the project aims to enrich the services and facilities provided to the consumers of the Municipality of Paralimni (locals and tourists) in terms of the retail trade sector and in particular the sale of food and other household products.

Why an Environmental Impact Assessment Study is not required

However, although an EIA was prepared and filed, the Environmental Authority, based on article 24(5) of the Law, lists the main reasons why an Environmental Impact Assessment Study is not required, with reference to the relevant criteria of the Fourth Annex and suggests its characteristics project and/or the measures envisaged to prevent or prevent impacts that would otherwise be significant and adverse to the environment.

Construction of the project

For the construction of the development building, it is expected that the usual construction site equipment (eg truck, excavator, concrete mixer, crane, etc.) used for similar construction projects will be used. The building will have a load-bearing metal frame. The walls will consist of prefabricated heat-insulating panels (wall panels) 8 cm thick. Also, during construction of the Project, reinforced concrete will be used. The preparation of the concrete by mixing water, cement and aggregates is expected to be done in a special mixer for this purpose and the reinforcement will be in accordance with European Standards. The materials that will be transported on site for the preparation of the coatings (e.g. sand, cement) must be covered in order to avoid the creation of dust mainly during the summer months but also the creation of washes during the rainy months.