Unemployment Allowance: Only online applications from today

The procedure to be followed by the beneficiaries

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Speaking to Trito he clarified that the beneficiaries should register as unemployed at the Social Insurance fund and then apply for the unemployment benefit electronically.

It is also recalled that in the context of the government policy for the digitization and modernization of the services offered to the citizen, with the aim of creating a modern state, the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, announced that:

1/ From 19/9/2022 the electronic submission of applications for Unemployment Benefit from the Social Insurance Fund through gov.cy will be valid.

2/ From 26/9/2022 the online submission of applications for Maternity Allowance from the Social Insurance Fund, which has already been implemented, becomes mandatory. 

In order to submit the online application for Unemployment Allowance and Maternity Allowance, it is necessary for the insured to have previously created a profile in CY Login service and have been identified.

3/ From 03/10/2022 debtors are given the opportunity through the Online Contribution Payment System of the Social Insurance Services SISnet, in addition to their current contributions, to also pay debts for periods whose deadline has passed.