Power bills: Hard winter coming - How to save energy

Winter is expected to be difficult due to rising energy prices

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Winter is expected to be difficult due to rising energy prices.

Speaking on the SIGMA show "Mesimeri and Something", EAC Press Representative, Christina Papadopoulou, stated that the conditions are special and we cannot be optimistic about the winter as electricity prices are at very high levels.

The price, he emphasized, depends on the cost of the fuel used to produce electricity and if the cost of oil in this particular case continues to increase, this will also negatively affect EAC's accounts.

Regarding the August accounts, he noted that there was a slight decrease due to the downward trend in the price of oil.

"The base price used to calculate the kilowatt-hour price is based on 300 euros per metric ton, but note that the price of oil has exceeded 1000 euros per metric ton," he said.

At the same time, Ms. Papadopoulou also gave advice on saving electricity:

- The air conditioner should be set to 26 degrees in the summer, as every 1 degree lower, consumes up to 7% more electricity
-Maintain air conditioners well

- Make good insulation
-The washing machines and dishwashers should run full and not at very high temperatures

- To turn off electrical devices rather than being in standby mode
- Avoid using a clothes dryer

- Use the vacuum cleaner sparingly
-Use a pressure cooker for cooking, if available, as this saves up to 50% energy