USA: 31-year-old man abused and killed his 6-year-old son - made him run down a corridor

It caused a shock to the court hearing the case of the death of 6-year-old Cory in the USA

Screenshot 7 USA

The court hearing the death of 6-year-old Cory in the US after being abused by his father, 31-year-old Christopher Gregor, has shocked the court hearing the case, in which the little boy is seen suffering as the defendant pushes him down a treadmill at high speed. to lose weight".

In the video, little Corey can be seen falling down the aisle with his father repeatedly picking him up to put him back on the instrument. At one point, in fact, the 31-year-old appears to bite the child on the head to force him to return to the corridor.

Apparently the speed of the treadmill was so fast that the 6-year-old boy was falling and crawling to get back on the machine.

Some 24 hours after the torturous exercise for the 6-year-old, his mother, who has joint custody of the boy with the 31-year-old, took Corey to the doctor, where the child revealed what he had been through in the hallway.

The next day the accused father took the child to the hospital again as the boy woke up with difficulty breathing, confusion and nausea. When the doctors subjected him to an MRI the boy had a seizure from which he never recovered despite the doctors' efforts to keep him alive.

The first post-mortem examination showed that the 6-year-old died of blunt force trauma to the heart and liver. Corey's father was arrested in July 2021 and faces a life sentence.