Single permit for third-country nationals in the EU in a maximum of 90 days, the EP decided

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The acceleration of the decision to grant a single work and residence permit in the EU for nationals of third countries was voted in favor on Wednesday by the Plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. With the update of the single license regulations, adopted in 2011, MEPs introduced new possibilities for the holders of that licence, with 465 votes in favour, 122 against and 27 abstentions.

MEPs have set a maximum of 90 days for a decision on applications for a single licence, significantly shorter than the current limit of four months. It is noted that there will be the possibility of a 30-day extension for particularly complex files.

It will also now be possible for a holder of a valid EU residence permit to apply for a single permit even if they are already in the EU, so that a person legally residing in the Union can apply to change their legal status without having to return in his country of origin. Also, holders of a single license will have the right to change employer, profession and field of work. National authorities will have 45 days to oppose the change.

As envisaged, Member States will be able to require an initial period of up to six months, during which it will not be possible to change employers. However, a change during this period would still be possible if the employer seriously breaches the employment contract, for example by imposing particularly abusive working conditions.

The regulations also provide that in the event that a single license holder is unemployed, they will have up to three months, or six if they have had the license for more than two years, to find another job before the license is revoked. However, it is foreseen that a member state may offer a longer period of time. To date, this period is up to two months

Also under the new regulations, in the event that a worker has experienced particularly exploitative working conditions, Member States are expected to extend the period of unemployment by three months, during which the single leave will still be valid. Also, if a single license holder is unemployed for more than three months, Member States will be able to ask for evidence that they have sufficient resources to live without using the welfare system.

Source: KYPE