Europol: It is our obligation to assist the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus for immigration

It is our obligation to assist the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus regarding immigration


It is our duty to assist the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus for immigration, said the head of Europol's European Migrant Smuggling Center (EMSC), Seweryn Stopa.

Mr. Stopa is the head of a delegation visiting Cyprus with the focus of discussions on migration and Europol's intention to further assist the Cypriot authorities in its management.

A police announcement states that the delegation is making a series of contacts with delegations of the Ministry of the Interior, the Cyprus Police and other officials of the Republic. Mr. Stopa is accompanied by EMSC specialist Maria Maria and the head of Europol's Guest Officers Department, Edward Mangion.

The Europol delegation already had a meeting, at the Police Headquarters, with the Deputy Chief of Police Dimitris Dimitriou and other members of the leadership of the Force, to discuss immigration and ways of managing immigration flows to our country.

During the meeting, Mr. Dimitriou underlined the seriousness of the problem that Cyprus is facing, with the rapid arrival of immigrants and the need for its effective management.

He expressed the gratitude of the Cypriot authorities to Europol for the continuous assistance it provides in dealing with the matter as well as in a series of other issues related to the maintenance of order and security in our country.

Mr. Stopa confirmed Europol's will to continue providing support to the Cypriot Authorities, stating that assisting the efforts of the Cypriot Authorities is an obligation of the European organization.

He noted that the main goal is to recognize the needs that exist, assuring that Europol is able to provide support, assisting the Cypriot authorities, at national and European level.

The Europol delegation will have a meeting at the Ministry of the Interior with representatives of services responsible for immigration issues. He will also visit the facilities of the Port & Maritime Police, as well as the "Pournara" Migrant Reception Center, in Kokkinotrimithia.

Europol's European Migration Center – European Migrant Smuggling Center (EMSC), was established in 2016, with the aim of intensifying and coordinating efforts between Europol's member states to combat illegal migrant smuggling.

Its purpose is to support EU member states in dismantling criminal networks involved in organized, illegal migrant trafficking.

Source: KYPE