A large fire in the occupied territories has been raging since noon on Wednesday

Efforts to extinguish a fire in a forest area continue

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Efforts continue to extinguish a fire in a forest area in occupied Halevka, Kyrenia district, as reported by the occupied. The fire broke out at noon on Wednesday.

According to an announcement by the "police" and the "Ministry of Agriculture", the "forest department", the "civil defense" and volunteers are operating in the area.

Besides, in his post on social media, the "mayor" of occupied Nicosia, Mehmet Harmadzi, stated that the "municipality" supports the efforts of the "fire department" to extinguish the fire.

Publications in some local media, state that the fire started from a shooting range of the "local army" in the occupied village of Beikioi (Nicosia province) and due to the winds spread to a forest area in Halefka.

"Jeni Duzen" writes that according to the testimonies of the residents of the area, gunshots have been heard for the last two days, while "Kipris Postasi" reports that the fire was caused by the ignition of dry grass from a gunshot.

Source: KYPE