At 25% the rainfall in June so far

Sunday's rains pushed June rainfall to 25%

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Sunday's rains took June's rainfall to 25% of the month's total, as the rest of June has been dry so far. On average, up to June 9, the rainfall recorded amounts to 1,5mm, up from 6mm which is the normal rainfall for the month.

In the first week of June, no rainfall was recorded in any part of Cyprus.

Sunday's storm brought 18mm of rain to Saitta, making it 171% above normal for the month.

In Prodromos, Sunday's rains resulted in 9,6mm of rainfall, reaching 48% of normal for June.

Saturday and Sunday saw light rain in Lythrodon, where 0,3mm of rain was recorded each day, bringing the total to 7% for the month.

Light rainfall also occurred in other parts of Cyprus over the weekend, recording, however, very low rainfall rates.