Minister of Education: Depositors who are outside the legislation should be reported

"Please if there are such suspicions and certain information from anyone to proceed with a complaint"

Screenshot 2 10 Athena Michailidou, sponsors, Minister of Education

An appeal to parents, but also more broadly if it has come to their attention or if they have certain information regarding sponsors who violate the relevant legislation, to appeal to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth for a complaint, the Minister, Athina Michailidou, addressed on Tuesday.

"We ask that if there are such suspicions and certain information from anyone to file a complaint with the Ministry of Education so that we can also go to the Police because there is the relevant legislation and it will be a crime to have such cases," said Mrs. Michailidou , answering a question on the sidelines of a press conference.

He added that "finally, organizers who do not do their job well for the benefit of the children, should have some kind of sanction and a good solution is not to participate in the next theme again."

As the Minister said, "the fact that we held seminars, that we gave too much material to the depositors and inspectors, that we referred many times to the importance of the examination and that these phenomena exist, worries us and the measures we will take must be serious ».

He explained that "there is legislation according to which before getting involved a tutor must sign a specific form stating that he is not related to a child who will sit the exam and that he has nothing to do with tutoring."

Mrs. Michailidou stated that "the subject of the subject setters is a broader issue arising from the legislation of the Pan-Cypriot Examinations, it is an issue that we are discussing, it needs changes and we will certainly be concerned with this issue as soon as the exams are completed".

Asked about the Mathematics essay, Mrs. Michaelidou said that "as can be seen from the reactions, the writing must have been difficult, it has made it difficult for the children and that is the worst thing".

He added that "we do not want this to happen under any circumstances because the aim of the exams is not to add stress to the students just for the writing".

On the contrary, continued the Minister, "the children should be able to give their best, their best selves, their knowledge so that they can claim positions where they wish".

As Mrs. Michailidou said, "these are all-Cypriot exams for this and we expect a specific degree of difficulty that will only be shown by the results, that is, the statistical processing that will come."

He noted, however, that "the reactions are universal, therefore there is no reason not to accept it, and the solution to this is finally through the statistical processing that is coming".

The Minister said that "if the written test was indeed difficult for everyone, then there is no particular reason for concern because through the statistical processing it is also possible to see the degree of difficulty of each question and each sub-question separately, but above all, and this is what interests us, the degree of distinction of each question can also be seen".

He added that "the goal of this exam is not to get an 'A' average or to pass or fail the exam, the goal is for the exam to be able to distinguish the good, the weak, the average students so that they get paid the positions given by the universities".

"Consequently, this goal can also be achieved through the statistical processing which we will wait for in order to place ourselves confidently on it", said Mrs. Michailidou.

He noted that "now, we have to let the kids get through the exam period without distraction because we still have several days until the exams are over and hopefully we won't have any more surprises so that the kids will really perform even though they had this bad experience."

The Minister of Education also called on parents, "whose role is very important, to be supportive of their children".

"Instead of analyzing now how bad and how difficult the paper was, it is good to empower them to move on and try very hard in the next lessons in which we hope we won't have any surprises again", the Minister said finally.

Source: KYPE